Crashes Doing Audio Setup [Fixed in Build 193]

Updated to 1.3 (Build 193). Crash upon audio setup fixed.


Wow! Just was about to post the bug here, it already got fixed! Well done guys!!!

You guys provide amazing support and resolution deployment. Well done!

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Build 193 fixes the issue for me, thanks guys!

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Same on Linux core with iOS and windows 10 remotes

fixed, wow, that was fast!

It’s not working for me. I’m seeing it hang when attempting to select an output device. This is using 1.3 build 193 on Windows 10 64 bit with a WASAPI USB 2.0 output device. When I click ‘Enable’ it spends a long time saying "Loading’ until I click ‘Enable’ again. If I click ‘Refresh’ then it says ‘Refreshing’ and all my audio devices disappear! This may not be the same problem but it sounds related.

I think it’s just the iOS control that crashes.
I’m listening on a MicroRendu -> Geek Pulse, successfully fiddling with DSP settings.
But when I touch Device Settings on this device, the iOS app immediately disappears. And when I pick another zone, like SonicOrbiter -> Geek Out or Meridian 818, the same thing happens.
But there is no interruption in the music. It seems the core is unaffected.

My Core is Windows 10 on a 5i5 NUC.

Hi @Ashley_Stevens ---- Touching base to see if this issue is still present for you. If it is indeed may I kindly ask you to please provide us with the following:

  • The details of your setup, especially your Core platform
  • If possible, please zip up the Logs folder from the install that’s crashing (they are in your Roon database folder) and upload them to Dropbox. Paste the Dropbox link in your reply here.

If you don’t have Dropbox or a place to upload them, just flag @support and we’ll let you know how to send them over to us.


Unfortunately I have a problem as well @support.

Roonserver setup:

OSX Sierra 10.12.3

Roon status: started and after that it says not responding.

Unfortunately impatient colleague downloaded roonserver again. And I do not see log files in my roonserver directory.

Kind regards,


Just to clarify, that’s not your post 1.3 no luck at all beyond RoonServer being installed but that’s it ?

I am sorry, my colleague also posted the problem already. My apologies.

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After downloading 1.3 to my LampizatOr DSD Komputer music server, I got an error message saying that my iPhone app had to be upgraded, sending me scurrying to the Apple Apps store to update. After repeating this a handful of times, I was able to logon, but got no sound from my system.

LampizatOr’s IT guy will be remote accessing my DSD Komputer later on today to help fix the problem.

I am looking forward to enjoying ROON 1.3!

@Support thank you for fixing this so quickly.

As a follow up I believe this issue may have been related to my use of Exclusive Mode since it doesn’t hang when I disable exclusive mode. I’m at work now but when I get home I will post the logs.


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OK so I have to admit it was my fault, my Essence HDACC was switched to the wrong input! I think my baby daughter has been playing with it. Nether the less I wouldn’t expect it to hang Roon Core.

Good news! ROON is working again on my LampizatOr DSD Komputer music server! While I was tinkering with the ROON Remote controller on my iPhone last night, I got a message that a new update was available at roughly 10 PM CST. I downloaded it.

I had also deleted my ROON Remote and re-uploaded it, which erased my storage settings; it no longer saw my music library. However, I was able to listen to the radio. I started exploring the “Add folder” (or whatever it’s called) option and, with trial and error, started re-connecting with the music files. I now have most of my music available. As of this morning, some albums were missing, but that may be due to some files still being re-scanned.

The IT person at LampizatOr seemed relieved to hear this. On checking to see if all my music files were uploaded, he said that he could help me sometime next week or so, as he’s swamped with addressing other issues with ROON 1.3.