Crashes on iPhone after update

Trying to listen to music on my iPhone. This morning I could listen OK but after an update this afternoon the app crashes constantly. It’ll play a few seconds of music and then crash to the desktop. Any ideas?


I think this is a iOS 15.4 update compatibly issue. 918 is fine with a device running 15.02.

My iPhone 13 pro (latest ios 15.4) has the same Roon app crash problem. It was working well before ios upgraded.

Same here since i updated to iOS 15.4.
iPhone 13PRO

Same issue.

Two, three crashes during my listening session yesterday on latest software.

iPhone 11 Pro. 15.3.1

I saw another post for a different problem that said to delete the Roon app, reboot phone and reinstall app. I did this and haven’t had a crash since. Kind of a pain but might be worth a try.


Thanks tried that already…… monitoring

Iphone 11Pro also has the issue. Will try the delete, boot, instal.

Same here, iPhone 12 mini (15.4.1) with Roon app wich crashes constantly. Worked perfect before iOS upgrade. After opening the app I have about 15 sec. to select an album and play it. That works fine. After that short time the app will crash. It seems it is working in the background (!?!) Running Rock 1.8 build 931. Any suggestions?

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On 15.4.1 and it constantly crashes on my phone. Almost unusable

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iphone 13 pro
It’s the same thing. Is there any solution?

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I’m Experiencing constant crashes after the App upgrade as well. The app is unusable. I also deleted the app and reinstalled it on my phone with no improvement. Using an iPhone 13 pro.

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+1. Crashing repeatedly on an iPhone 13 Pro. Doesn’t seem specific to what I’m doing - happens when I’m browsing genres, looking at settings, etc.

I may sound crazy saying this but it seems like these new releases crash frequently in the days immediately following release but then stabilize until the next release. Is there possibly some background operation that destabilizes the app until it completes? Or perhaps some client/core interaction that occurs in the days following a core update but completes within a few days?

Either way, this is a recurring pattern that needs to be looked at.


same issues here with iPhone 13 mini and on iPad as wel

@danny - can you, or someone at Roon, possibly acknowledge that you are aware of this issue? For those of use who use iOS / iPadOS devices as our primary controllers, Roon is not usable. Thanks

Confirm here. Latest Roon app version (as of may 1st 2022), using IPhone 11 Pro, iOS 15.4.1
The Roon app runs only 5 to 15 seconds before crashing. The IPhone also runs unaturally hot during this short period.

Basically the iOS app is unuseable in this state.

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Mine doesn’t work either and phone red hot…

I can’t find anywhere to get help or raise a support ticket. I can’t use Roon at all at the moment.

Hello chaps,

We’re sorry to hear that some of you are having issues with the Roon Remote app on iOS. Please ensure that you’ve installed the latest update @Alexander_Holy it appears that you may still be running an older version.

@gTunes, weren’t not sure why some customers have these issues when other Rooners who are using the exact same devices, iOS versions, and Roon Remote build are problem free. There’s some suspicion that the affected devices may be low on available space and that could trigger the problems you’re having.

We continue to make improvements for the app on iOS, despite that a very small percentage of our users still have problems, something like 2% of our customers - which seems to point back to some negative interaction with the app on that particular device. We empathize with your frustration, we don’t want anyone to have a bad experience with Roon. It’s just not clear what the cause is.

If any of you are experiencing this behavior on the latest version, Build 936, then please uninstall the app, check the available space on your device and ensure that the device isn’t running critically low on available space, restart the device, then reinstall.

Hi, @jamie. Thanks for the response and for participating in this conversation.

These crashing issues seem to come and go for me. They seem to coincide with new releases. The app is completely unusable - it crashes after a few seconds regardless of what I’m doing. Can happen browsing music, looking at settings, fast forwarding a track. Then the crashing seems to stop completely. You suggested we install build 936. There is no 936 for iOS - I’m on 935. The crashes are no longer happening.

My endpoints are two Linn streamers and a variety of Sonos devices (Amps, Ports, Ones, and a Sub). Perhaps it’s something about Linn or Sonos.

You suggested it might be space related. My phone is an iPhone 13 Pro / 256GB. Only 77.4 GB are used. I don’t think the issue is related to space on the phone. I’m on 15.4.1.

New iOS builds are released at the same time as core builds. But the iOS builds sometimes don’t show up for a bit because of how Apple rolls them out. Perhaps there’s an interaction between older iOS builds and newer cores. That’s just a guess. Could be something about the protocol that causes the iOS app to crash when talking to a newer core. Or perhaps it’s something about the endpoints some of us use. I am more than happy to help debug this by running a TestFlight version of the client app with symbols to help you folks get crash logs. I’m sure others would be happy to do the same.

Thanks again for jumping in and please let me know if there’s any other helpful information I can provide!

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