Crashes on iPhone after update

Thank you for your kind and informative reply @Greg_Friedman. My apologies for my error with the current iOS build number. I will pass along your offer to install TestFlight and get back in touch if that’s something the team would like to explore.

I can assure you that these problems are just as frustrating to us as they are to all of you. We have staff members who’ve had similar issues and it’s been agonizing that there isn’t a clear indicator of the cause. We appreciate your courtesy and patience, we can totally empathize with how annoying it must be. We’re going to continue to work on a solution.

Well, I’ve been going good for about a month and a half after I deleted the app, rebooted my phone and reinstalled the app. But today after about an hour of listening the app crashed and and now crashes instantly when I open it and try to do something. Completely unusable. I will try the delete/reboot/install again but this shouldn’t be happening. I am on the latest iPhone 13 pro Max and iOS 15.4.1. with tons of free space. There were some updates this week that may be the culprit?

I have 120gb of free space and it’s still crashing and i am running a headless mac mini m1 so can’t use Roon at all at the moment. No hint of a reply to my email to support…

I noticed this happens mainly on Fridays when new releases are available (I’m on Tidal)…after that the app works without any problem on the iPhone, no need to delete/reinstall…that’s probably the issue to investigate more…

Me to on 943 on a iPhone 11 Pro 15.4.1

After deleting the app restarting the phone reinstalling it is now working….

I also had success deleting the app, power cycling my iPhone 13 Pro Max and reinstalling. Roon was consistently crashing after few seconds, now it’s working fine. IOS 15.5.

Well after a long time running fine last night I went to enjoy some music and as I was trying to scroll…crash, crash, crash. Deleted the app, rebooted and reinstalled and we’ll see what happens. Fortunately what I wanted to listen to was on the Qobuz app so I didn’t need Roon. I am really beginning to loathe Roon. I notice this usually happens after an update. Is there any way to turn off updates?


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I have an iPhone SE and with version iOS 15.5 I experience the same problem of App crash since today. I will update to iOS 15.6 and hope this will solve the problem. Finger crossed.

I love Roon but I loathe the inconsistency of the iOS app. Must’ve been an update yesterday or today because the app is crashing within 30 seconds of being opened. Deleted, reinstalled, etc. fixes the problem but still frustrating.

My app is crashing all the time, cant use it!

Delete the iPhone app and reinstall it. That might help.

Experiencing this, constant crashing. It crashes 100% of the times I open the app and always within a minute. Totally unusable on my iPhone.

So irritating.

Update: updating iOS fixed this for me.

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My app has begun crashing. Tried uninstalling. No change. Running iOS 15.6. And app 1.8.01021. Lasted as of today. Anyway to downgrade app. Never had issues before.

Same here! I can’t listen anymore to my music

Hi I am in exactly the same situation as Bob_Silver1 same IOS and App versions. I’ve only got 4 days left on my trial and am thinking I need to cancel before the year subscription kicks in. Such as shame as great when it works. love the UI