Crashing on Mac

I installed Roon on my Mac the day it came out. I was really impressed so I bought the lifetime subscription. Unfortunately, since that day I have not been able to run it because it crashes a few minutes after startup. Today was the first day I’ve had time to create a Forum account and post.

  • I fully scanned my library (25K tracks) on the first day.
  • Now, when I startup Roon, it starts scanning my iTunes lib and gets 25% in and then dies.
  • I tried downloading and reinstalling Roon, but no difference.

My music is stored using iTunes on a ReadyNAS Duo. I have it mounted on my desktop like a regular volume. I’m running MacOS 10.10.3 on a 2011 Mac Mini with 16 GB RAM.

Please let me know what to do. It is killing me not being able to run the program I just spent $450 on.

Unmount the ReadyNAS using Finder in OSX

Again using Finder…go to Menubar…click Go…then Connect to Server…and input the following…SMB://…this will mount the NAS drive via the much more robust SMB protocol than the flaky AFP protocol that OSX uses for Devices with Time Machine functionality

Now return to Roon…and point Roon at the same iTunes folder and see what happens

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Thanks Ronnie. I will give that a shot later today and report back here.

That fixed the crashes, thank you!

Is the sync icon on the right side supposed to spin forever though? It indicates it has scanned all the files, but it still says it is scanning. If this is the file watcher, I wish the animation would turn off.

Found a small bug. In the scan progress window, next to iTunes Music Library, the button says Enable. In preferences, the button says Disable. It is currently Enabled.

The spinning icon next to the Bookmark icon on the top right hand corner of Roon, indicates that Roon is analysing each of your Tracks…this results in the Frequency Scan you see in the Play section at the bottom of the screen while Roon is playing that Track…it’ll go away once that Analysis is completed

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