Crashing with 64 bit Windows Build


I am struggling having many crashes using 64bit and looking to try 32bit

I would like to know how large is “large” to make 32bit struggle? I have around 100000 tracks but am adding alot more with Tidal.

Thanks in advance.

That’s borderline, but no harm in trying…But more to the point–why do you think switching to 32bit will stop it from crashing? If there is a bug, there is a bug. You might make more progress by troubleshooting with @support. Maybe you have a corrupt file that is crashing us or something.

ok thanks!

just i read it here, about stability of 64bit vs 32bit, in another post.

Im trying to eliminate possibilities.


will goto support if all else fails.

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Hi @David_Haesler — Here if you need assistance. Just drop me a flag (@Eric) or support (@support), and someone will follow up to lend hand.


v kind thanks. Currently soak testing a complete reinstall of 64bit. Simpler for the moment, just a couple of 100 albums, no tidal, no bridge, no remotes. Touch wood, running better; so far so good. Will add stuff incrementally and monitor for anything frying it :slight_smile:

Since reinstalling 64 bit, and using a 1 hdd solution dedicated to the Sony laptop I am using as my Core, Roon is running flawlessly.

I honestly think I was adding too many different HDD’s and connections and managed to get some conflicts, or corruption somewhere along the way.

Ie got a bit carried away :slight_smile: - kid in a candy store type thing.

All is cool.

Thanks to support for jumping in to offer to assist.