Cream discography is fetching incorrect albums

Cream (Clapton, Bruce, Baker) recommended albums data is wrong.

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I like Japanese Girly Band, unless it’s Eric in drag …

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They must be working to correct this, when I tried to check this on my system the Cream discography came up as unavailable…

Discography is not working the entire morning. Must be a metadata service having an outage.

Seems like this is not fixed yet. Same problem with Bread (with David Gates).

Same problem with John Williams. Same problem with Genesis. Same problem with Eric Johnson. Same problem with the Godz… and on and on.

In fact - same problem with any two different artists or bands that happen to have the same name.

It’s ridiculous for a product where the value prop is based on deep links into metadata. If the metadata is garbage (and it mostly is) where does that leave us?


I couldn’t agree more. Its absolute nonsense.

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And this is still not fixed. Its incredible to have to see this garbage when trying to browse one of my favourite bands.

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Same goes for Bread and I am sure lots of other artists. Also this is a thread to report metadata issues. I have reported these in Feb. So far these have not been fixed nor has anyone from Roon acknowledged or bothered to reply. So I am wondering what the purpose of this is…

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Hi @zenyatta80

I just wanted to reach out and confirm we are looking into this!


This is not fixed yet. I am guessing none of the issues reported a multitude of times regarding different artists with same names e.g. Genesis, Heart, Bread etc. are addressed yet.

Obviously this will require an update to fix, so if it isn’t addressed by the next update (no idea when that will be) then remind Roon how annoying it still is after that.

Hello @zenyatta80

Thank you for bringing these metadata issues to our attention. There is quite a bit of behind the scenes work that must be undertaken in order to disambiguate titles and artists as there are myriad factors at play that cause content with naming similarities to be grouped together.

Some of these issues result from how much disambiguation effort is taken at the service provider level, and some has to do with the degree of metadata that is present in the particular title. We made some recent changes with the hopes of making this more accurate, but in some cases, like this one, it resulted in unwanted albums being associated with the artist.

While on the surface it may not seem like these issues are being addressed, please be assured that we are working on system wide fixes for these types of issues. This work is quite important to us and the effort to address these anomalies is ongoing.

We do appreciate your patience and understanding as we implement these metadata adjustments. Please continue to bring us any similar examples you might find, they’re extremely helpful as we work to resolve this. We’re grateful for your concern and assistance with these efforts.

Thanks, is there anybody on Roon staff in a product owner role that has extensive previous experience as a buyer in music retail, or a music critic, or someone that has a deep understanding of music recording history/releases? I really feel like there is a gap there regarding meta data. It is too easy to slough this off on weaknesses in 3rd party providers.

Those people are out there. They would be a good addition to team roon.

Technology is the easy part.

I’m glad this finally got a reply… @jamie


Thanks for responding. Just checked allmusic and Cream discography does not contain any of these incorrect albums. So obviously the problem lies within Roon. If Spotify, Apple Music, Qobuz can all disambiguate correctly, its a bit annoying to know that a software I paid £500 for and where the richness of the metadata is a USP, can’t.

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It seems this has been fixed partially. These incorrect albums no longer appear in the main discography or recommended albums but still are linked somehow. So now we have a section of Cream performing with “Cream”.

Wider problem still exists though. Checked out the Bread metadata again and its a train wreck.

This is still a mess.