Create a backup file

Hi folks
I had a faulty power supply on my roon core computer - this seemed to corrupt all my backup files - so I just deleted them all ready to create a new backup file. For me this wasn’t a problem.

Now I would like to know how to make a new backup file? If someone could direct be to the correct resources I would be very thankful. Cheers James

Settings—>Backups—>Scheduled backups—>Add

Whenever I have a power outage I, as a matter of course, do a Restore from a prior backup.

Why take chances?

Hi thanks for that

I did almost as you suggested - I went with the immediate backup option.

this is what I got (please see below) now this is where the fun starts - i have noting to restore from.
So I am back wondering how to creat a new Backup?

Cheers James

Ah found it – reinstall app - thanks for your time

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