"Create a genre“ does not reflect function - should instead translate to "select a genre"

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When I try to create a new genre tapping the button-field “create main genre” doesn’t work at all.

It may be a translation error, but when I look at the screen shot you show in my program (in English) it says “Make top-level genre” in the greyed out button in your screen shot. I am not a native speaker but according to google translate “Hauptgenre erstellen” translate to “create main genre” which is not entirely accurate according to what is in the English version.

To me this indicates that you are to filter existing genres and then pick one and then you can choose to make it a “top level” entry in the database. This is function is further reinforced by the fact that it says “Filter Roon Genres” under “pick genre”, thus indicating your are “searching” existing genres.

So, what this means is, you are not “creating” a new genre, you are only searching existing genres and picking one to make it a top level entry as apposed to a sub-level genre.

If you wan to have a new genre It might work to put it in the metadata of your files (using mp3tag or similar program) so that Roon will pick it up. Then tell Roon to use your metadata instead of Roons.

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Many thanks for hinting to “creating a tag”. Indeed: “create” and “select” is not the same! :wink:

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