Create a mobile device app for JUST STREAMING to Roon ready devices

I understand that Roon was created when people wanted to mostly organize and play their own libraries (a la iTunes) - especially of hi res files.
But now streaming services are offering more and more hi res files themselves plus, most people don’t have a lot of high res files so they’re just playing their ripped CDs, which is the same as lossless streaming. (Before YOU respond, I’m sure YOU have TONS of high res files so this post is not for YOU. It is for MOST people). And people don’t really use iTunes in that way anymore, which is why they created a streaming service.
Personally, I’d prefer to just stream. I don’t need or want my own library on a server that always has to be on and connected to the network.
I currently use SONOS but it’s a closed system and I want to use other high end equipment. My Bryston BR-20 is “Roon ready”, which I assume means that I can play from roon fairly easily if I have a server, etc. Why not just create an app that ONLY allows streaming from existing services (Amazon Music, Tidal, Qobuz, etc.) to roon ready devices? I’d pay a monthly fee for that, and to NOT have to use SONOS anymore and just put a bunch of Roon ready devices in my house. Seems like a pretty simple solution.

I’ll add that this could/would be in addition to the server based system.

You have the streaming services own apps that do this. Without a library there is no need for Roon its whole existence is to hold a library of music whether that is from streaming or local it’s for curating a collection wherever it’s from. If you don’t want that you dont need Roon. All the native apps can play to pretty much any device using one of the many protocols available.

Roon may eventually go cloud based fully ditching the core but managing the data would still be part of that.

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The streaming services apps have no way to connect to individual devices - like my Bryston BR-20. I would have to send the bitstream via Bluetooth from my phone which, of course, is not the same thing.
Yes, Bryston does have an app for the BR-20, but it is abysmal for streaming. It’s also really designed for libraries.

What about Tidal Connect and Spotify Connect (that’s if they ever manage to go lossless)

Then there is mConnect that supports Tidal & Qobuz

Sorry to say but it seems the Bryston was the wrong choice for your needs. You could add in a separate streamer and the get all you need quite easily.

I’m not sure whether it will work with those. I’ll look into it. At first glance, the Bryston doesn’t come up as being available in the Tidal or Spotify app on my phone or ipad.

No. The Bryston is great. It just doesn’t have a great streamer, which is why I was hoping to use Roon for this purpose.
I am currently streaming to it via the digital out on a Sonos Port set to pass-through. It will do max 24/44.1 from Qobuz and Amazon Music. So hi–res but not the highest available. Actually, sounds great.
I could change the Port to a Bluesound Node or something else, of course, and I may have to, but the purpose of this thread is to SUGGEST upgrades or features and that is all that I was doing.
I think a streaming option from an app on a handheld device directly to a Roon Ready device is a great idea, allowing one to easily stream from multiple services through one platform, and would be simple to implement.

You can do that now with Roon or the Sonos app.

No. You can’t. Roon requires a server on your network that must be on and connected. My suggestion is to NOT require a device - computer, server, or NAS - to be on and connected. Just any phone or tablet that has downloaded the app.

Personally, I don’t want the application split any more than it is, having ARC is bad enough. It will add layers of confusion and have users demanding different pricing tiers for different functionality also splits dev time. There are other options out there for this type of functionality and Roon ceases to be a viable prodcut if it doesn’t have a library as it then is a subscription that gives you nothing more than the original apps. You already have the Sonos app that can do this, this doesn’t need any server at all. If you want Hires change the streamer.

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