Create a 'Roon Radio' from Playlist

I love the Roon Radio function in Roon. It has really introduced me to a ton of new artist that I was only introduced to through the Roon algorithm. But one feature that is lacking to me, is to start a ‘Roon Radio’ from a playlist of tracks. This would be a powerful feature for sure especially how the Roon algorithm would respond to a variety of varied meta tags. This feature is available on Spotify, called ‘playlist radio’…I mean, if Spotify can do it…??


Me and many thought that would already be possible! It’s actually far more needed than just having Roon Radio based on an album, as a playlist is more user customized.

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I agree this would be a great feature. In fact, it’s among the very few reasons I go to Spotify to take a break from Roon. That and the superior playlists that Spotify generates as compared to Tidal, which is my source within Roon. Roon team, please add this! Thanks

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Shocked to see this topic doesn’t have more engagement!