Create a user-customizable sort feature -- e.g., group by Multi-channel or DSD

We can sort music by albums and artists. How about creating a customizable search capability.

For instance, I would like to be able to select a sub-set of my music according to DSD (or not), high-definition (or not), and Multichannel (or not). I can also see myself wanting to select 4 channel or above (maybe).

Roon is clearly detecting the resolution and number of channels of each of my albums. Since it can “see” Multi-channel recordings, I would like it to tell me which ones are recorded in than manner.

A friend told me that JRiver offers that functionality. it sounds like you set up a folder and it populates it for you.

We could also use something like this for mono recordings and I am sure a number of other sub-sets of our collections. Being able to customize these “sorts” would be a really nice feature.

Have you looked at Focus and Bookmarks? You can set up a selection as you describe, then save it as a Bookmark.

Yes focus should do most of that

I certainly have some mono albums and it would appear these are not being “seen” by Roon. I’m m not sure where the stereo designation for all albums is coming from as certainly Miles and the Beatles have mono offerings.


Focus seems like it would help, except for mono recordings. Adding mono and some of the higher DSD formats (e.g., 128, 256, 512) would also be improvements.

Thanks for the tip. I tend to forget about Focus and I know I shouldn’t.