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Roon Core Device

Roon server Intel i3, 64 GB, 500 GB SSD, Windows 11 Pro.
Roon clients (iPad, Windows 11 Pro).

Network Devices

Ethernet, one sub-net with NAS (holding the music files).

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Description of Issue

In my collection there are several artist groups which are added and assigned to several albums by Roon.
However this data is wrong. (wrong members or wrong number of members).

Some album should have a artist-group which according to Roon does not exists, so the album now has an incorrect artist assigned.

How to create or modify artist-groups?
KR. Edwin

If I understand you correctly, go to the Edit menu of the album. Add the correct artist(s) in the Primary Artist setting and remove the wrong ones. (You can add more than one)

You may also have to make changes under Edit > Edit Credits

Finally, in the main edit menu you can add the Album Artist. This is useful if the Album Artist name differs from the primary artist(s). E.g., if the primary artists are two separate persons XY and YZ, but on the album they appear as “XY & YZ”. If you add “XY & YZ” as album artist, Roon will show this as the album artist but both names will be clickable separately and will lead to the individual persons’ artist pages

All true, but let me give an example, The album:

I click on the marked box and the following appears:
Then I choose “EDIT” and get

Group is of course marked but where can I add/modify the number of members, currently
There are only two member in this trio (:slight_smile: apparently wrong, but how do I add a member?

KR. Edwin

Oh, I see! Apparently this is not possible, at least I never found a way. Maybe (I don’t know) this might be a part of the upcoming and mysterious “time line” feature that Roon has hinted on somewhere in forum posts.

I’m just guessing, but here’s why: To do this properly, an artist page would need a timeline because band members change over time. With a static artist page like it is now, it would only be possible to capture either the current band members or the members at an arbitrary point in history. Therefore, making the members editable would be nice in the current implementation of the artist feature, but it would not be a complete solution.

We can only hope that the timeline will provide this :slight_smile:

I will wait. :slight_smile:
KR. Edwin

I was in this situation last night, where I added an album for a group, that really is one individual. However, Roon had no data on who was in the group. So, I ended up adding the actual artist as another Primary Artist so they would show up.

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