Create new synology user account and integrate Roon database

I have the core of Roon in a similar Nuc, I made a recent backup of the whole database on my PC with Windows. All data is on a Synology NAS.
Now for security concerns related to Synology accounts, I need to create a new user account in Synology Nas (example: “pix”) and disable the basic “admin” account which is the one on which the Roon database was built. If I do this (I activate the new account on Synology Nas “pix” and deactivate the old “admin”, Roon no longer finds the data and says that all folders have been moved or are non-existent. How can I integrate Roon’s database into new Synology account “pix” (of course the data within Synology is not physically moved, but a new login named “pix” is only created).

Follow mode. Same question.

If I understand correctly, you are runbing the roon core service on the nuc itself and wish to store the roon database in one of the synology’s shares…?

Assuming I got that right, the roon service runs as admin, and any files and folders it creates is made in the context of the admin user. As I understand this will change with dsm 7, where use of the built-in admin account is far more restricted. I don’t know the exact details, though. With the current roon service on dsm6, you’re left with little choice other than to let the admin user have full access to the roon db folders.

I suspect @crieke would know the details

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I’ve Roon running on a seperate SSD connected by USB to the nas where my music is stored on.

Yes, for one part you got it right. But not everything. I have the Roon database in nuc while the music is on the NAS. The Roon database was created in synergy in the context of Synology’s administrator account (“admin”), now Synology asks for security reasons to create a new user account and disable the administrator account.
The problem is that if I do this Roon no longer recognizes any folders. And I can’t redo everything because I have a lot of folders and a lot of data (tags, changes, etc) on Roon.
If I go back to opening the administrator account on Synology, Roon starts recognizing everything as before.
I made a backup of the Roon database and then I tried to restore to Roon with a new user account open on Synology but it doesn’t work.

OK, so that means you have pretty much the same setup as me. I too have a NUC with roon while the music is on the synology. Roon db backups are backed up to a separate share on the synology.

First off, you want to create a user on the synology. In my setup, I have a user named «media» that has access to read from the Music share on the syno, and it can read and write to the Roon DB Backup share.

Next, assuming you have restored your backup to the nuc, go into the roon settings, to the Backups node and click View in Scheduled Backups. Then hit the three dots next to the backup folder and edit the location.
Then hit the Browse button to display Roon’s folder browser, and delete the connection to the backup location. Then add the folder again, this time using the credentials for the «media» user or whatever you named it. That user should, as I said, have read and write permissions on the backup share on the syno.

As for the music folders, go to the Storage tab in the settings and hit the three dots next to your music folder. Then hit the Browse button in the next dialog to bring up the folder browser. See if you can delete the old link to the share. If not, add a new network share using the credentials of your “media” user. Having done so, I think you will be able to remove the old, faulty shares. I remember last time I tried this, it didn’t work 100% as expected but I got there in the end…

Good luck :slight_smile:

We could solve it by changing the account on Synology NAS from Administrator to User like this (main steps):

  • perform manual backup of the Roon core on PC Windows 10
    -create a new user account on the NAS
    -disable administrator account on the NAS
    _ delete old administrator folder in Roon
  • reload the backup made before in Roon
  • add the new user folder (of the NAS) in Roon
  • in Roon move and adjust all folders manually to the new user account
  • make a new backup immediately
    No data lost, perfect.