Create playlist from queue

Possibly a newbie error but I’m finding it hard to add tracks to a playlist. Seems I have to find the track, click the track then at the top click the 3 dots, add to playlist…

It would be handy to add tracks to the queue (easier than a playlist) and then decide “hey, this would make a great playlist” and be able to create the playlist from the queue.

Long press/right click one track in the queue. You’ll see a control bar appear at the top of the queue. At the left of the bar, there’s a pop-up that’ll say “1 selected”; select “Select All” from the pop-up. Then, from the “3 dots” menu in the control bar, select “Add To A Playlist”.

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Cheers, thanks for that. Still seems a bit roundabout. Press. Long press. Select all… there are a few places where - in my opinion - roon isn’t the most obvious. But thanks for letting me in on the secret - it does make making playlists easier :slight_smile:

We’re working on a new design for the queue that will be “non-consuming” meaning that played tracks aren’t automatically removed.

In the new design, this will be a more sensible use case and I’d like to make it easier. In the current design, as soon as you realize you like what you’ve been listening to, all the tracks you enjoyed are already gone from the queue :innocent:

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