Create two zones from one end point? Volume control for speakers, not headphones


I have the following chain and I’d like to use both headphones and speakers.

Roon Server (PC) → Roon Bridge(Rpi) → Topping E50 → Topping L50 → Speakers/Headphones

Problem is, to use headphones, my amp is active and I can control the volume from the amp. For speakers, the amp is in passthrough mode, so I have no volume control. I’d like to use DSP volume control for the speakers but not the amp. The only way I can think of doing this would be to have two zones on one end point. Once zone would have DSP volume (for the speaker), the other would not.

Any thought on whether is is possible?

This capability is already listed as Feature Request, here One Device, Multiple Speakers/Headphones
If you could add your Vote then maybe this will be implemented.

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Thanks - i’ll do that.

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In meantime cant you just switch the volume control in the device setup for the zone in question to use DSP volume?
You just need to make sure to reduce the DSP volume all the way down before starting play back for the speakers. Then bring it up to volume you desire. Then for headphones you just bring it all the way up.
Or am I missing something?
Right click on the zone:


Thanks - yes, technically I can do that.

I’m playing around with various DSP/EQ options and comparing to bit perfect transport - so I was hoping not to have to use DSP for volume.