Create "Years" within Collection

Great job with the software… Is it possible to create a “Years” catergory within Collection. A lot of times I like to see all albums released in a certain year and is a quick way to group all new releases together.

Click on Focus at the top of the Album Browse screen…[ or hit Control-G / Cmd-G on that screen ]

You will see there the ability to focus on a particular time period, say 1960’s

Thanks…still learning all the ins and outs.

You can bookmark the focus as well, so you can get back to it from the upper right at any time.

Great!..Learning new features every day.

Is it possible to focus search albums using the “Edit Version” field? The reason I asked is because I buy a lot of music from Bandcamp and I have typed Bandcamp into the Edit Version field for each album and I would love a way that I could bookmark all those albums together.

Right now, we don’t have a way to search or focus on the album version field.

If you’re looking for a quick way to categorize albums, I would recommend the Tags feature, accessible from this button:

Still learning… that works great.