Created a playlist in Roon using Tidal app and can’t find it in Tidal PL

Hi, sorry if this has been answered already - all my playlists created in Tidal are synced with Roon. Tonight I made a PL in Roon, through what I thought was the linked Tidal app, but I can’t see it in Tidal. Assuming I was mistaken and just made the PL in Roon, is there cross syncing or a way I can share the PL with Tidal? Since Roon still isn’t portable, I can’t listen to the songs unless I’m tethered to the house, which is why I use Tidal and I thought one of the benefits of linking them. Please help. I can re-do the PL, but that will be a total PITA. Thanks so much.

It’s a one way synch tidal to roon. Unfortunately going the other way involves exporting the playlist and using soundiiz to import to Tidal.

I had the same problem and found a workaround. If you want to import a Tidal playlist into Roon:

  1. inside Tidal, “favorite” the playlist you wish to import into Roon
  2. eventually it’ll show up as one of your playlists in Roon. May take a few minutes or a couple hours.

Hope this helps.

The OP was asking about roon to Tidal.

Yes, I was. It’s cool, I got a workaround from one you fine bunch and it appears I can do it, but it will require more effort than I am willing to commit over it. Thank you all for your interest in helping your fellow human - I will be sure to pay it forward.

Duh, my bad.

Always reply, always help. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten the wrong end…