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I’ve just changed my Roon Core from my previous Innuos Zen Mini to a new Zenith Mk.3.

On the previous core, with some help from users of this forum, I managed to set up a second back-up location on my Windows PC.

Having backed up to this location before changing Cores I can no longer find it in Settings, Backups so I cannot restore the backup to the new Core.

When I setup this location initially I was unsure what I actually did since the “ex: \host\share or smb://host/share” example means nothing to me.

Can any kind soul out there provide me with a step-by-step idiots guide on how to find it (or set up a new location).

The Windows location for the backups is C:\Users\geoff\Music\RoonBackups. Many thanks.

ex: \\host\share or smb://host/share

Where host is either the

  • hostname
  • hostname + domain name (hostname .local)
  • IP-Address of the host

whatever works for you, and share is the

  • name of the file share as implicitly defined (by the system) or explicitly set (by the user) on creation

Read also, section 6. shows you where to lookup relevant information on your PC:

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Thanks for your input but the terms you used still don’t help me; I need an explicit worked example to illustrate what to precisely put in the boxes of the “Add network share” screen. I previously successfully created (don’t know how!) a location entitled \DESKTOP-QK9H9Q5\Users where I was able to make several backups, but I’ve been unable to find this location since switching my Roon Core to a different music server and if I try to create it again I get the dreaded red Unexpected error box. My original Dropbox backup was also not findable under the browse function. Why is something that should be simple turn out to be so difficult? I’ve tried endless variations to put in the Add Network share box but nothing works.

At the end of the page I linked above, there is a link to further information (including a section about troubleshooting at the end):

Note: Adding a network share is the same, no matter if the share is hosted on a NAS or a Windows/Mac PC.

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Thanks for your patience. I had already shared the Music folder, which enabled me to add the network share with my previous Core. Nevertheless, I repeated the exercise and then copied the file location into the add network share box and, after having to add my Windows 10 username and password, it worked. But I’m sure I’d done this before; the only difference this time was I did it in Settings, Storage instead of Settings, Backups (but both seem to bring up the same Add Network Share box). Is there a difference? Having finally set up this location I could see my previous backups and was able to restore the last one on to my new Core.

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I guess that, as you were able to restore a backup, all is well now.

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