Creating a classical composition (in Roon)

What do I do if Roon fails to identify a classical album, (or the metadata is faulty) and I have a bunch of tracks that are not recognised as belonging to their true composition?

I would love to proceed in two steps:

  1. manually combine the relevant tracks into a new composition.

  2. merge this new composition with the true compsition

Correct me if I am wrong, but step 1 is not doable presently. It would be great to have this feature.




Hi Maxim, I’m having similar problems. Did you ever get a reply? There are situations when tracks (i.e. movements of a symphony) all import into one Composition. Other times they import individually as though completed unrelated. I’m curious to know if you found a solution. Thank you! Gregg

Since Roon 1.3 was released, this works well using the WORK/PART file tags. Have a look at the metadata section. There is a lot of discussion about this feature.


No, I never heard from Roon about this feature request.


Still can’t understand why this (seemingly) simple change has not been made. I have always ripped my cds with the correct ‘Work’ metadata, but Roon frequently (about 50% of the time) fails to group the relevant tracks into the work or composition to which they belong. Clearly the ‘Work’ file tag is not working here.

did you check this KB article?

In my experience you always need to maintain both WORK and PART or MOVEMENT tag for multi-movement works in order to get a proper grouping in Roon. The WORK tag alone is not enough…

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Sadly, I have also tried that (with no success). The movement tags don’t seem to help. In all honesty, if all tracks show as belonging to the same work, the ‘part’ or ‘movement’ tags shouldn’t be necessary anyway. Seems like a simple fix…

I can’t see how tags can be a solution. For a classical music fan like me, the composition field is the central way of browsing my database together with Tidal database.

It is really regrettable that Roon is not interested in fixing this. Frankly, this is what stops me from buying lifetime subscription.