Creating Backup with Nucleus

I am having trouble creating a backup of the Nucleus. I would like to back up everything but my music files as I already have those backed up and I do not want to use up another 1T of space for those. Yet I would like to save all my metadata, preferences and particularly my edits as I have already committed considerable time to generating them.

I created a file called “Roon Backup” on the H: drive of my main computer (Windows 10) that is directly connected to the modem. This is where I would like to store the file. After many attempts I have not been able to select the folder in the Roon>Settings>Backups>Backup Now>Select Location…>Select Folder. How do I have the folder appear available?

You need to make sure the folder on your Windows computer is Shared before you can see it in Roon. Google creating a shared folder in Windows 10.

Probably the easiest thing to do is plug a small usb thumb drive into a spare port on the Nucleus, and backup to that.

This worked great. Thank you.

I plugged in a USB drive, it showed, I selected it and followed the ques. I then plugged in the USB drive to my Windows PC to view the files and my computer did not like the drive, I am assuming because the files are Linex based. Wanted to copy them to my main PC but I think I will just store the backup on a USB drive.

Questions :

The files only seem to total 0.1G. Is there only minimum space required?

When I wish to backup again, can I use the same USB drive and will the updated files overwrite the previous?

I keep a backup master drive secured with all my important files. Can this file be copied there and then used from that location or transferred to another USB drive if needed?

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When I purchased my Nucleus, I had a spare 1TB USB HDD in a case. I plugged it into my Nucleus and programmed Roon to backup every night at 4am and save the last 20 backup’s. I have my Nucleus in a cabinet with the back of the Nucleus against the back of the cabinet, so a USB stick would not work for me (unless I used a cable).

Depends on the size of your library, of course. That seems small.

To check if a backup worked go to Settings==>Backups==>Scheduled Backups and select Clean/Restore from the three dots to the right of the location where you backed up. You should see your backed up library listed. Don’t do anything to it; this is just to check that it’s there.


Of course, in Settings==>Backup==>Scheduled Backups set how many copies you want to keep. When that limit is reached, Backup will overlay the oldest.


Yes, the thing to remember is for a Restore to be successful Roon Backup and Restore interface must be used. Where you place the resulting backup and from where you restore the results of that backup are up to you.

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