Creating/editing Tidal only Playlists and playlists Grouping

Actually i take that back… Play Counts does happen on songs not in your library, but Favorite-ing does not.

Any news about this?

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OMG, this major question was already on the table three years ago and this craziness is still going on… And I am new here and was foolish enough to think that Roon might tackle this issue. At least as far as the library/non-library conundrum is concerned: Solve the library/non-library conundrum and all the complexities it creates for tagging, focus, playlists etc


I’ve been testing Roon for a few months and loving it, but have two major usability problems with it. One is lack of mobile download/caching, and the other is the completely broken management of playlists and mentioned here (and I need to sync playlists back to Tidal because lack of mobile download/caching means I can only listen to Tidal while on the go).

I’ve got to say I’m very worried about investing more time (and money) into a platform that has had two such significant flaws existing for >4yrs and with neither being obviously looked at :cry:


I have Audirvana Studio, and there you easily can add music to your playlists. Still not possible in Roon!

Yeah Plex does it perfectly too.

This is exactly the problem I’m having as well.

I don’t have much hope at this point. You can export playlists to Soundiiz, that is a good work around but very manual.