Creating file tags for recording start & end dates [fixed in latest update]

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I’ve been experimenting with Yate settings to see if I can successfully create metatags that will feed into the recording start & end dates provided in the Roon editing panel. (The reasoning being that should my database ever get fouled up, I won’t have to re-enter data if it’s in the metatags.)

I’ve managed to get the information to appear small above the track list (at the bottom of this screen shot:

But I haven’t managed to get it to become part of the string below the album title:

Unfortunately, in the first version, Roon is adding a day “1” to the date when only years & months are given in the metatags. Not a huge big deal but in an ideal world it wouldn’t do that.

I’m achieving the first result using RECORDINGSTARTDATE & RECORDINGENDDATE tags.

Does anyone know of any tags that would get the information into the boxes that show up larger underneath the album title?


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Hey @Snowdog

I just wanted to update you that a fix for this was included in our latest build. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the wait. :+1:t2:

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