Creating Playlists in Roon

I always found frustrating creating playlists in Sooloos. AllMusic moods&tags
Arenot only album-based but sometimes contradictory. This is particularly evident on soundtrack albums that can be calm but passionate, warm but detached ect. ITunes genius is a completely different (and more accurate in my opinion) approach to playlist building due presumably to it’s huge u&a database.
I wonder what’ll be Roon’s approach to the subject

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Aside from leveraging the metadata you refer to, the best automated perpetual playlisting I’ve experienced is echonest. When we have people over I’ll typically default to it handling music affairs after having chosen a seed song. If a change of tempo is required all that’s required is that someone selects a new seed song. It’d be great if echonest was incorporated in Roon, but I’d most definitely also want to be able to playlist and browse using Rovi’s metadata (and include therein ability to select attributes for inclusion as well as exclusion).

@danny one feature that I think would be worthwhile having/perhaps you have already including, is being able to filter out songs with explicit lyrics. I love putting together playlists for my 9 year old niece but it is sometime hard to remember just which songs have content that wouldn’t be suitable. I could also see it being handy if you have friends over for the evening and leave a swim or similar going, so that it doesn’t pick out that expletive filled rap track that probably isn’t appropriate for the situation!

I’ve never really liked this EXPLICIT feature, but given the below limitations, I will put it on the list to add to focus:

  1. false negatives: we don’t have explicit data for all the albums, and sometimes, it is very hard to detect if your album release is the one that is explicit. we default to non-explicit
  2. false positives: sometimes we only have metadata for the explicit, so we mistakenly mark your album as explicit
  3. no track level data for explicit lyrical content – only album level data exists, so youd remove entire albums
  4. the flag we get only applies to english
  5. everyone has a different definition of what is explicit

If I was worried about this, I personally wouldnt trust this level of explicit. That said, we can expose editing of the flag too.

@audiomuze EchoNest was bought by Spotify a while ago, and is no longer taking on new customers. They are probably not renewing existing contracts after they expire.

That said, our algorithms for our Radio feature are pretty good if you have a decent sized library… you should try it out and give us feedback. @jeremiah is improving them all the time.

[quote=“danny, post:5, topic:282”]
That said, our algorithms for our Radio feature are pretty good if you have a decent sized library… you should try it out and give us feedback.[/quote]thanks, will do and revert when I’ve got my library scanned.

I’ve been using Radio quite a bit and with my full library available and some good genre data it seems to serve up some pretty good mixes.

There are a few tweaks to improve Radio that could be made in due course. e.g. avoiding already played tracks which Jer has logged somewhere.

As for the thread topic, I think creating playlists is good. I have tried making a playlist from current items in play queue and also items from the history queue.

The only odd scenario is making a playlist from both current queue items and history items. e.g. like when you decide half way through a session to save what you have done. This becomes a 2 step process of save playlist and add to playlist. Still it works and it quite intuitive to use.

That does sound less than ideal. An editable flag would be a good thing though.

F*** da police ! But seriously if you wanted explicit tracks excluded, I’m guessing you’re not worried about it being over cautious if your using it to make up occasional playlists.

Once you have a filter on explicit, you should be able to re-tag your files if you want to your own censorship levels by applying user defined tags.

The best playlist feature I know is the “smartlist” feature in JRiver. It lets you define any kind of playlist you want, and you can refresh the playlist to create a new one at the click of a button.

Have you seen our Bookmarks feature? Go to the album browser (or any browser), click Focus to set some criteria, and then save the view as a bookmark (in the top-right, next to search). You can also use tags if you want to pick content one by one.

Once you have a bookmark saved, it will always be current for your collection, and you can just press play!

So how does the Radio feature work? Honestly, my biggest disappointment with Meridian is that it creates playlists based on similar ALBUM tags. And the songs on an album can be all over the map in terms of mood and tempo. My one biggest hope for Roon is the ability to create playlists that go together as well as iTunes’ Genius. Right now, I actually create playlists based on a song I like using Genius in iTunes and then manually recreate and save the playlist in Meridian.

I would like the ability to randomly sort, by album, within a playlist.

This feature exists in Musichi Suite and I find it very useful when playing classical music playlists, where randomizing by song doesn’t make any sense.