Creation of an own Genre

@support: Christmas Genre

I store my music on a NAS on Folders (artist). The only exception are the christmas albums. they are in an own folder (approxiametely 50 albums). The reason is that normally christmas is not listened during the year.
I have now the following questions:

a) Is it possible to search in roon also according to folders? In this case i could find all albums
b) Is it possible to create an own genre “christmas”. I this case i could tag the albums accoriding.
c) Are there other ways to find easily all affecte albums?

Thank you

Sort of. Try this from the FAQs. And you can then create a bookmark to show results easily in future.

Well, you can create genres easily enough; see this KB article. However, you may already have a Christmas genre - as a subgenre of holidays. And try searching for Christmas - it should pop up as a top genre result.

Hi, if you setup 2 Roon Watched folders; a main one and one for Christmas, you could disable the Christmas one when not required. When disabled the content is not visible in Roon.

Thank you maybe it is an opportunity to activate and deactivate a folder with “christmas” in this case i should find the albums in the overview.

Thank you for your input. I think i found a possibility to give an additional tag for the genre “christmas” . In this case i have to tag all albums manually but it should be not so much effort. The roon Database does not recognize all albums automatically for this genre. But i think it is one solution. At the end i prefer to stay at the automated roon tag because they are certainly better than my tags. I can add manually the tags in this case.

I both manually add my own christmas tag, since I have albums which I consider christmas that Roon does not. And I keep them in a separate watched section so I can turn them off when it is not the Christmas season.

I think this is also the best approach for me.