Creation of special tags info is limited

I’ve made a couple specials tags for albums that I’ve purchased from Bandcamp and PonoMusic and made a couple bookmarks for each (see attached jpegs).

My question is why is there only info for the number of albums, shouldn’t all the info be complete (ie. tracks, artists…)?

In Roon you can add tags to Albums, Artists or Tracks independently. Tagging the album doesn’t tag the tracks on the album or the album artists.

Kinda wish it did… Is there a reason why it would not be set up to link that info too?

Mostly because everyone uses tags differently, and forcing inheritance would be a lot less flexible than what we have now.

I can see cases where I would want all of an album’s tracks to inherit its tags (or all of an artist’s tracks/albums to inherit the artist’s tags), and I can see cases for the opposite. I’ve been thinking about a number of ways our tagging functionality could be a lot more interesting and/or dynamic, mostly spurred by @AndersVinberg’s post here.

Give it a read, and let me know a little more about what you’re looking for – how would tag inheritance meet your needs here? What are the cases in which the current system falls short?

Thanks for the reply @mike, I’m pretty happy with the way Roon treats tags. I was just a little surprised that when I created these special tags “Bandcamp” and “PonoMusic” that only the album info was there and everything else was “0”, but I understand your reasoning.

This may or may not work but could you add a “Yes/No” setting to force inheritance tags with the default set to “No”? I think that would fix what I’m trying to accomplish but not sure what other fallout could happen that I haven’t thought about.

I think if there were to be a default inheritance flag(s) it should be Yes/No/Prompt defaulted to prompt.

Disassociating tags as well as application of course would also have to be considered in the systems inheritance behaviour.

@mike. Would something like the attached that I quickly put together work when creating your own tags?