Credits and multi-disc sets

This could perhaps have been posted under support request… For multi-disc sets, for instance DG Mozart 111 with 55 genuine albums, the credits are common to all albums. So every albums has about 260 credits, including 30-something composers etc. The most annoying with this is that when I search for e.g., albums by Emil Gilels, all the 55 albums in Mozart 111 turns up. Likewise, when I search for Grieg albums, all 81 albums in Glenn Gould Complete Columbia Album Collection turns up. Etc etc. I understand that this may be due to how the metadata database is organized, but at least it would be nice to be able to easily remove credits from an album in Edit mode. As it is now, you have to go down the list and click every single name you want to remove from the credit list (around 14000 clicks for the DG Mozart 111). One suggestion is to add the possibility to select all, and then one can tick of the ones one want to keep.