Credits feature coming

Seems the biggest problem not counting the price tag
Is credits ,while if the lp is your database a lot of the time
Credits are there,But plenty of my lps don’t have credits
The only solution I could find,was entering them
In the Primary Artists links tab
This doesn’t seem to be ideal ,and if you change the title of the lp,the info is lost
Is there a solution to this

Capture the credits in your tags and then have Roon leverage them.

You should take a look at the PERSONNEL tag -
With a list of all available credit roles here -

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Not clear about this ,if I have a cd that unidentified and want to know who plays Piano ect I can find
the info on the web(Discogs: far better than allmusic guide) but where to put this so it shows up in
roon ,I use to add this to the end of song titles ,But linking stuff with tabs I don’t get at all
I’m sure hope they add a feature so I can enter this info and not just for the whole lp,but for every track if you want
maybe in smaller different type ,near song titles??
while The credits tab is good ,it dosent make sense for large sets with many different line ups,seeing a list of
the five drummers on the set isn’t good enough ,you want to know who plays on what tracks
and while this isn’t a problem with most rock and Pop lps ,It becomes a problem with Jazz titles
not having the cd book or booklet handy