Credits - Likes, Dislikes and Confusions

I have some mixed-opinions about the way credits are displayed in 1.8.

Good things: I like that clicking on the numbers of tracks a performer is on takes you to just those tracks. Very Useful. A bonus would be when a performer plays a different instrument on different tracks it would be possible to display the tracks separately for each instrument (i.e. on which tracks does Coltrane play tenor and which soprano)?.

Dislikes: I have complained elsewhere that the decision to use the same photo for the circle display and the long rectangle display on the artist page is wrong-headed. The appropriate framing for one is seldom appropriate for the other. In fact, I would not miss the pictures if they disappeared from the credits - I am not sure what value they actually have.

Confusions: Some of the artists appear under the heading “Credited on…” with larger photos and others appear further down under the heading “Also performs.” with a smaller photo. But the contribution of the Alsos is often just as significant as the Credited ons. For example, Lewis Barnes performs regularly on William Parker’s quartet recordings (among others). But he is always listed under “Also performs” while Rob Brown, whose appearance is exactly the same on many albums always gets his bigger photo under “Credited on”. And there is plenty of room on the “Credited on…” line for Barnes. I am no longer able to check this, but it rather appears to me that the artists I had to create because they weren’t in roon’s database (whatever that is) are the ones relegated to Also status (I had to create Barnes, for example). If so, this is a ridiculous criterion.

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