Credits Peter Gabriel 2 (aka Scratch)

Hi there Roonies,

Just started my Roon trial - nice, no: brilliant!

Biggest attraction to me is having credits of an album or track immediately available - the one thing what computerbased audio sucked at :grinning: . Roon cures that :+1: - how good the cure is depends on the available data of course.

My first sample was Peter Gabriels 2 (aka Scratch). Alas… the credits aren’t accurate. For example Robert Fripps contributions on guitar and Frippertronics or Bayetes keyboard credits are totally ignored.

The credits should be (taken from Wikipedia):
Peter Gabriel – vocals; organ on 11; piano on 2; synthesizer on 5, 7
Robert Fripp – electric guitar on 1, 3, 5, 10; acoustic guitar on 5; Frippertronics on 8
Sid McGinnis – electric guitar on 1, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11; acoustic guitar on 2, 3; steel guitar on 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11; mandolin on 2; backing vocals on 7
Larry Fast – synthesizer and treatments on 1, 2, 5, 7, 10
Bayete – keyboards on 2, 4, 6, 7
Roy Bittan – keyboards on 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11
Tony Levin – bass guitar on 1, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11; Chapman stick on 2, 4, 9; string bass on 6; recorder arrangements on 6, 9; backing vocals on 1, 4, 7, 10, 11
Jerry Marotta – drums on all except 3; backing vocals on 1, 4, 10, 11
Tim Capello – saxophone on 10, 11
George Marge – recorders on 6, 8, 9
John Tims – insects on 3

What sources do you use? How actively/quick are they corrected or updated?

Now: back to the music!



Your suppliers on album and track credits have to step up, I guess… Other examples of albums with lacking credits: Bailador by Michel Portal (only primary artist and composers are mentioned) and L’Affrontement des Pretendents by the Louis Sclavis Quintet (Vincent Courtois not mentioned as cellist, trumpet player Jean-Luc Cappozzo not credited at all).

Hopefully it’s work in progress in this department.

Is it possible for me to submit changes, additions, improvements somehow, somewhere to the databases of your supplier(s)?



Discogs is mentioned by some members as a good metadata source. Although not considered a ‘rich’ source, I would love to see the Discogs database included in Roon: the track and album credits it supplies are more often available and correct compared to Allmusic. Added to the metadata already in place, Roon would be even more attractive!

Is adding Discogs on the roadmap?




Yes. We don’t have a firm timeline yet, but we will be investigating Discogs soon, with the full intention of adding them to Roon’s database.


Great news, Mike! Looking forward to that!


Well, a year has passed … Those omissions regarding the credits for Peter Gabriel 2, and the albums by Michel Portal and Louis Sclavis are still there. Just three examples, I know, but symptomatic in my experience.

Roon has made enormous progress (because of that I took the plunge) but apparently less so in this regard. A pity. I had high hopes, especially for credits for individual tracks.

I know in this area Roon means to grow. I certainly hope it will… Any news about adding the Discogs database?


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No progress on the credits of the albums I mentioned in this thread. I know I can add a lot of it myself by now, and that’s really cool, but it does defeat in a way the purpose of Roon if credits are wrong or simply absent. I think that’s a real pity. Even more so because nobody seems (!) to follow up on reported mistakes regarding credits.

What about Discogs?


Still no progress on the credits of the albums mentioned (examples of course). What I wrote in April still applies. @mike … any chance this will change any time soon?

Hi @Bluebeat ----- Thank you for touching base with us, I appreciate the feedback!

Moving forward, I have enabled diagnostics on your account so we can have a closer look into this behavior. Once your core is online/active this action will generate an automated report which will be uploaded directly to our servers. I will have our techs take a look and see if we can determine what’s going on here.


I’m not sure what you are aiming for, exactly…

No change in the credits

Hi Marc,

One of my favourite albums, so I’d like to see this as well :nerd_face:.

As I understand from this thread the issue is what is available to Roon from its metadata providers, which can sometimes be frustratingly less than the sleeve or liner notes provide.

Let’s flag @joel who may be able to tell us if we’re dreaming.

Incidentally, I recently managed to score one of these T shirts as part of the 40th anniversary of the album. So far the total number of people who have spotted what it is would be 0. One day …

Hey guys. The track-level metadata for this album look excellent to me. In fact, the only errors/omissions seem to be Robert Fripp’s non-production contributions (were they ever in the CD booklet?). Anyway, if you still feel that there’s a problem, we’ll need to see some screenshots. @dylan will take over from here if necessary.

It’s looking reasonably good to me Marc:

What are you seeing at Track level ?

The omissions that Marc pointed out are still there. The credits are not complete.

Agreed. My point is that those specific “minor” credits were probably not in the CD booklet that TiVo received, so they have not been credited. Given the level of detail of the other credits, I’m guessing that they were omitted and, TBH, there is no point asking for them to be added, because TiVo will not add credits where there are none in the media that they receive (that’s their policy).

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OK, thanks. Clear.

Thanks Joel,

Am I right in thinking that users can add additional credits here by editing at Track level within Roon while retaining the existing metadata ?

That’s correct, and I was amazed to find that there is a Credit Role for Frippertronics in the list of available Credit Roles


Yeah. But, Fripp worked with a lot of people. Check out Daryl Hall’s solo album Sacred Songs (which incidentally has a Frippertronic song on it), which he did with Fripp. Hall also sang on Fripp’s album Exposure.