Credits section NEEDS this information added

I preface this with yes, I understand that it would not be easy given there is in all likelihood, no online database with this information from which Roon could source it, but…

I would love to see information on where and how the recording was made, ie: Which Studio(s), which recording method, be it Analogue Tape (Studer, Ampex etc) or digital (Sony DASH, Mitsubishi, Alesis ADAT etc), Mixing console (Neve, SSL etc) and even down to the outboard gear used etc.

Difficult, but as a collective we could surely build on the database if Roon enabled such a feature, ie, not relying on external database but rather created their own?

How often is that sort of info available publicly ?

Roon is not a metadata source /provider Roon is a “harvester” of third party information , if it ain’t there it can’t show it :sunglasses:

I have seen references occasionally in the fine fine print in the back of a Booklet but …

First the various metadata sources , AllMusic and MusicBrainz would have to store that information somehow/somewhere .

Is there a metadata db that has this info even if Roon should wish to tap into it.

No as I said, there is no existing database as far as I am aware.

This could be an opportunity for Roonlabs to give more and uniwue value to me as a consumer of xobrebt and paying customers.

I can see other additions metadata as well.
I woul like to search for female artist/cocalist
Or why not Christian or other religiösa music

I dont think that you and me as a user should or need to have solution to a problem .
Or tell Roonlwbs What kind services they should priovide.
I think it us much better If we/you focus on What would be good for you/us and What does have valure for you/us as a user, customer and consumer of content.