Crestron 4-Series Integration [Solved - New Module Available on Crestron Application Market]


Are you going to develop drivers for Crestron series 4 processors in the future or not? Thanks

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Otherwise is it possible to have the source files of the compiled “RoonSystem.clz” so that I can modify them to make them suitable for a Crestron series 4 processor?

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Crestron no longer sells Series 3 processors so the published drivers are now useless…

Hey @Alessandro_Zambelli

Unfortunately no, we don’t have plans to support the Crestron series 4 processor right now. However, we will continue to maintain the Roon API for those looking to develop their own custom implementations, and our existing modules will continue to work with series 3 processors.

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Hi @kevin, this is very disappointing. I know that Crestron planned to make the new NAX product line operate as Roon Endpoints, so without supporting their current range of processors I think you are going to miss out on an opportunity.

Even if, as @Alessandro_Zambelli requests you make available the source code for the RoonSystem.clz file that is part of the current released driver it would allow competent Crestron programmers a means of easily continuing to use the Nucleus. Without it, they have to re-invent the wheel, starting from scratch with the API.

Please can Roon do one or both of these options.

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Hello @Giles_Charman,

We can’t make any promises regarding the future development of the module, but we will keep your suggestions in mind. Thank you for the feedback here!

I am struggling to understand your thinking on this. If we can’t integrate Nucleus on the current Crestron processors, we can’t sell it. If you don’t have the available resources to update the driver, then release the source, so that a Crestron programmer can do it. That is what they do for lots of other manufacturers, and it works. What I find annoying, is that we support and sell your product, and then you just decide to dump us in it, so we have to find another product and start again. Is this grown up thinking ? Are you in this for the long term ?

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Hello All,

We have been working directly with Crestron on our module and we are happy to announce that Crestron has updated our module and it is now 4-Series compatible!

Please find a download link to the updated module on the Crestron Application Market, linked below:

This module will not survive a reboot of the Roon server. I just started a new ticket for this issue.