Crestron direct radio selection

I’m setting up my client with an ‘NPR’ crestron button.

Ideally this would call up and play the corresponding Roon radio station to play in that zone.

Any way to do this now, or soon?

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Hello @brb9

Thanks for contacting us regarding this request.

To set up an NPR button, you would need to add it to the client’s Roon Radio Stations Page:

And then use the Crestron Module ( to navigate to it using the Explore Menu:

Unfortunately, there is no way to directly create a digital join “hot-linking” to NPR or any other station at this time but you can modify the explore menu to list only mode in VTPro and place the list in the client’s music selection page (if you would like a trimmed down version of the controls) and then link your current play/pause/next/previous buttons to the digital joins in SIMPL:

Hope this helps but do let me know if you have any other questions!


so if my client only uses the touchscreen with Roon app (on an iPad/iPhone), can I do something tricky and somehow have a physical button link to the first radio station (which we could name “*NPR” with a star to make it show up as number 1?

Just to clarify, the Crestron handheld physical button remote will have an NPR button. And Roon will be used with the Roon app when using touchpanels.

Hello @brb9,

At this time, there is no way to hot-link a direct radio button to a digital join in the Crestron module.

You can however upload the list-only version of the VTPro project to the remote (assuming it has touchpanel functionality such as the TSR-310/TSR-302/TST Series) and ask the client to select the NPR Radio through the remote’s screen by navigating through the explore menu.

The Radio listing is automatically sorted by name so if the client has multiple Radio listings, you could rename the NPR Radio Station within Roon to have a * before the name so that it shows up first using the following method:

Right click to select the Radio Station you wish to show up first and press Edit

Add a * before the Radio Station’s name

I hope this helps but please let me know if you have any other questions.


I am still not being clear. I only have physical buttons in my world - no ipad. The only iPad app is the roon app.

When the client comes home, he hits the light switch ‘welcome’ button next to the door, and that triggers music. How can I get music to play if there is no ability to have a ‘default’ playlist or station?

Hey @brb9,

Just to be clear here – we understand the request, and we agree that it would be a great feature to include in Roon, and in our Crestron module.

While we’ve discussed this kind of functionality and would like to implement something like this in the future, unfortunately it’s not possible at the moment.

For now, the best thing to do would be to open a Feature Request, so we can gauge interest and consider adding this functionality to a future release.

Sorry there’s not more we can do here now, and thanks for the feedback!