Crestron Extension broken on V 1.8 Build 1021

Since updating to current version on Nucleus, the extension to Crestron control system stops working. A reboot of the Nucleus makes it work again but after a few hours is lost and only restored by reboot again of Nucleus. Rebooot of Crestron makes no difference. Message in extension shows last seen at time of last reboot. Please can you fix this, or can we roll back to a previous version in the meantime. Thanks. David

Hi @David_H_DAE ,

Can you please try the resync procedure I mentioned on my other thread and let me know if this helps?

  1. Update Nucleus and Roon Remotes to the newest Roon version

  2. Unauthorize any existing Crestron extension in Roon Settings → Extensions → View

  3. Add the Nucleus’ IP address in the Crestron module RoonSystemModule symbol

  4. Compile and upload the module to the processor

  5. Reboot the Nucleus from the WebUI or power button

  6. Enable/Pair the new module in Roon Settings → Extensions

  7. Configure the new module in Roon Settings → Extensions

  8. Reboot the Nucleus again after the module is paired


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