Crestron Module & Queue Access

Hi, Demoing the Crestron Control Module using a Crestron CP4 Processor and a TSW-770 Touchpanel.
I was wondering if there is a way to enable Queue access, in other words enable a button press that will take you to the Current Play Queue; similar to how it works in the Roon App? I’ve reviewed with Crestron and they seem to think the function does not exist. I notice there is a Queue Button but it only appears under certain conditions and that seems to be when you have selected a new album for playback. Pressing that button will display a Track listing for the album you are possibly going to select not what is currently playing. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Hi @Mike_1960 ,

Unfortunately, a view queue screen is not available in the Crestron module. The module integrates from the Roon Node API, so it is limited in terms of functionality when compared to the full app.

One popular choice is to use an iPad tablet that runs both the Roon interface and the Crestron virtual interface in your listening area. This way you can have the full capabilities of both apps and easily switch between them.

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