Crestron Nucleus+ Discrete Commands

(Fred Vessey) #1

Hi there,

Recently integrated a Nucleus+ with a Crestron system using the official modules on a variety of end-points and it works great.

In addition to browsing his music library using the Crestron Media Player Smart Graphics object, my client needs the ability to directly select an album, playlist or internet radio station from his Crestron touch panels.

Are these commands available in the API? How can we send such commands to the Nucleus+ from Crestron?

Thanks in advance,


(David Vranicar) #2

Fred, was there anything odd about the Crestron implementation as we had some issues. We were using Android tablets and had issues controlling multiple zones.

I asked the same question that you did and there are no plains to make a join code version of the selection. My understanding is that we can use the join code version for metadata and transport with the smart object selection screens

(David Vranicar) #3

Here is what I was given by roon

"For the moment, we don’t have any plans to build join based support for browsing or selecting content. It’s not clear what the joins on the device module would have to be to make it function well, and we’re not confident we can make a good product this way.

We believe it’s possible to use the browse section of the Crestron generic media player without the now playing and transport control sections, so that would be our recommendation for now."

(Fred Vessey) #4

Fred, was there anything odd about the Crestron implementation as we had some issues. We were using Android tablets and had issues controlling multiple zones.

Yes, we had to move the Roon modules to another 3-series processor as it kept crashing our main A/V program although I don’t believe this to be symptomatic of Roon (we were pushing our CP3 to it’s limit). We have two end-points - a Sonos:Connect and an Auralic Aries Mini, works absolutely fine at the moment via MediaPlayr object.

(Fred Vessey) #5

I’m not after join-based browsing. Give me a single string input into each end-point module and a command to directly select any album, playlist or internet radio station whether on a NAS or streaming service.

Simple, right?

(David Vranicar) #6

Were you using the Crestron app or traditional touch panels?

(Fred Vessey) #7

We’ve a mixture of TSW-760s and Crestron App on iOS (iPad & iPhone) - MediaPlayer SG object throughout.

Using the Crestron App on Android devices should be no different.

Ensure all your Crestron firmware and software is up to date. I’ve run into problems elsewhere if it is not.

Good luck.

(Fred Vessey) #8

@support could you assist?

(Mike) #9

Hey @Fred_Vessey – sorry for the delay here. We are working on functionality to do exactly what you’re describing here.

It’s currently being designed, so obviously there’s more work to do before it’s built, tested, and shipped, but it is something we are actively working on.

I can’t commit to any kind of time frame yet, but this is coming. Hope that helps!

(Fred Vessey) #10

@mike, that’s great news! I’ll keep an eye out.

Will you be offering the chance to beta-test the new modules to any Crestron programmers?

(Mike) #11

We’ve done some very limited pre-release testing with people in the business, and useful feedback has come out of that. I’ll make a note about your interest and when we’re a little closer I can reach out if it makes sense.

What would be the most helpful right now is more information about your use cases.

Specifically, I’d love to know more about what your customers are looking for here – the more details, the better:

Thanks Fred!

(Fred Vessey) #12

As you probably know, each Roon end-point has its own device module in Crestron. I’m assuming you already have a basic understanding of the various Crestron signal types. It would be great if you could provide a string input on each of these modules that would allow the programmer to send a command directly to the end-point to select and album, song, playlist, internet radio station, etc. without having to navigate the menu hierarchy.

The format of the command could be: :: where indicates the location of the media (NAS drive, TIDAL, etc.), is the ID of the album, song, etc to play and indicates whether to play now or add to the existing playlist.

I’m assuming each media item has a unique ID and if so, you will need to provide an easy way to grab these IDs from the Nucleus+.

Essentially, my client wants the ability to select his favourite music quickly and easily - the best method would be to have a bunch of preset buttons that can be triggered from his Crestron panels or any other device that is integrated with Crestron (e.g. Lutron keypads, Amazon Alexa, etc.)

Hope that helps!