Crestron OS3 "Home" with Roon

Looking for feedback using Nucleus with the Crestron OS3 home. Our team is starting R&D using the new CP4-R - Home system. Does anyone have any feedback on what challenges they have faced or If I need to stay away and go back to SIMPL+

Hi @Stewart_Barnett,
It sounds like you might require some assistance from Roon themselves, so I’ll tag @support for you.

Hi @Stewart_Barnett,

The Roon Crestron module is developed with SIMPL+ and as far as I’m aware, Crestron OS3 only supports approved Crestron modules to work with it.

While we’re always investigating what is possible with new Crestron technology, at the present time the module is only compatible with processors able to run SIMPL/SIMPL+, so it is not compatible with the CP4-R.

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Hopefully there will be an OS3 module soon!

Would love to see an OS3 module