Crestron Support (Willing to code the crestron side)

I’ve replaced a number of different sonos zone player zones in my office, house and apartment with roon and i have to say I love it! I wrote one of the most popular sonos integrations for crestron and sold it for many years under the name sonoscontol. It would be great if I could replicate the transport functions for roon on my hard button crestron remotes in the same way I did with sonos. Any chance you can provide a simple rest api for the roon transport or point me at an existing transport end point so I can write a crestron driver for roon? just looking for zone transport functions and maybe the ability to cue a named playlist not full library control. I’d be happy to post back here for free use / distribution.

Thanks in advance

PS if you want a great starting point the roku remote api is very simple and works wonderfully well from creation, control4, amx, etc.

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We have Crestron support in progress, based on Crestron’s MediaPlayer SDK + ActiveCNX. A few details need to be wrapped up before it’s ready for release, but initial feedback from demos has been positive.

For a touchpanel application, you’d drop in a MediaPlayer, and configure Roon with the IP and IPID of the controller + MediaPlayer instance respectively. It supports transport, search, now-playing display, and a hierarchical browse interface.

We also plan to support a legacy method (digital joins for transport buttons, analog/serial joins for now-playing information).

I’m not entirely sure how that translates to remotes with hard buttons, but at least the legacy method should be able to accommodate that use case.

We may expose automation APIs for general use, too, but the Crestron-specific stuff is nearer to release.

We will probably also do something with an HDMI/touch bridging option so there’s an option for displaying Roon UI on a Crestron panel.

Any update on this? I love using Roon and am a Crestron dealer and programmer. The MediaPlayer will make implementation a snap. Legacy joins will be useful for hard button remote commands.

Id love an update on this. Maybe throw us a bone and give us basic transport controls to start?

Hi all, I am at CES and just saw Roon implemented on the Elac/Discovery hardware and am a believer… After 5 minutes Aline. Well done.

That said, I am also a Crestron guy and run 2 SI firms in the SF Bay area, and my use of this will be entirely dependent on this integration. Sounds like you had a head start on it about a year ago,l… Wondering where you are at today?

Some of us use AMX TPC Control with our iPads in order to control our AV system. It will be great if we can have a uri command to call the Roon ios app from the AMX TPC app, similar to the vMSR Meridian control and the Sooloos core app (where we can switch from one app to the other from within the app).
Thank you in advance for your help.

When!?!??! Dying here. Every installation I do that puts in Sonos, musicCast, or any other option results in a new family that will not ever make the switch to a new platform. There is too much confusion involved for most people. We NEED Crestron support to be released. PLEASE!!!

Crestron stuff is going to be done based on the Roon API, not the method mentioned back in October 2015. Work is starting soon on that. Don’t have a final release date yet (and in general–we don’t announce dates in public unless they’re really imminent).

Any updates on this?

Hi. Crestron support please. Even basic transport controls API. i need something. ANYTHING

Any news regarding Crestron support? WE NEED IT!

I would love to use this at my home, and recommend it to all my existing Crestron customers.

Another vote for Crestron integration!!

Lumin players receive a UDP packet of a certain format to allow Crestron integration with basic controls such as play, pause, next, previous, volume, mute, repeat, shuffle.

You will still need Lumin app or Roon app or Spotify app to select a different playlist / queue or edit it, or switch between Lumin native OpenHome playlist / Roon / Spotify.


Roon/Crestron just released a Crestron module (API) for their Nucleus servers. It won’t work for those of us running a Roon Core, but it’s a start. I program Crestron for myself (old dealer/programmer), but modifying the API is over my head.

Is this something you might tackle?