Crestron upcoming Database breaks Crestron Module

There’s a new Crestron Database ( that’s coming that uses an updated version of NewtonSoft which means once you update to that database it’s not backwards compatible to Simple Sharp modules compiled with older databases.

I was just running some tests and noticed the Rune Modules Build 8 throw a compile error when compiled with the new databases.

I think the Simple Sharp modules would need to be recompiled with the new databases in order to fix the compilation errors.

Hi @Andre_Bouchard,

Welcome to the forum! I’m seeing the latest Crestron db version as, released today, July 14th 2020. Where are you seeing a 200.XXX version? That seems to be quite a ways off from the latest stable release.

Crestron sent out a notice Monday about the new databases, saying they will be released in 2 weeks.

Crestron made available beta versions of the databases so that the DB’s could be tested against existing programs etc.

The revision numbers change so much because of their breaking nature.

Just wanted to give a heads up that the change was coming, I didn’t know how quick a response there would be.

Hi @Andre_Bouchard,

Thanks again for your report here. We have been able to reproduce this behavior in the QA lab and we are looking into re-compiling the modules against the new database. I know that the database release is out already, so apologies for the delay. I’ll keep you updated as I have more info, thanks!

Is there any update to this? I’ve had to update my database to 200 for various programs and now the ones with Roon i’m hosed.

Hi @Nathan_Durfee,

We’re still working on this one, there is a ticket with the dev team.
We hope to have some news to share soon!

Its really not hard at all to do. You open your module that uses NewtonSoft.Json 3.5, save as a new version and recompile with a newer crestron database. Hell I could do it for you if i had the source code, it literally takes a MAX or 10 minutes.