Critique of 1.8 queue button location

The queue button is perhaps the only thing in roon prior to 1.8 that I developed muscle memory for. It was nestled nicely in the bottom right of every page beside its two neighbors, the output device button and the volume button. It used to be nice and big. I could flip between the current page and the queue and back without glancing down to the bottom right of the screen.

In 1.8, it is smaller. In 1.8, it has moved farther towards the center of the screen, away from its old neighbors. In 1.8, it sits closely above the waveform/position indicator.

While I congratulate and thank roonlabs for allowing portrait view on iOS, the problem with the new location for the queue button is compounded by the new screen rotation feature. Now, the button moves around, away from the bottom right corner in landscape mode and closer to this corner in portrait mode.

Because it is so small and located above the waveform indicator, I’ve frequently changed the playback location by accident while attempt to open or close the queue. To avoid that, I now have to be very conscious and careful of these problems with the queue button. No more fat thumb press without looking, but a ginger thumb tip or finger tip press.

I’m sure some will scoff at this critique, but a UI change that makes things more difficult with no (obvious) benefit is a regression in my book. Please restore the queue button to the size it had in 1.7. Please keep it at the same location relative to the bottom right corner in both portrait and landscape mode. My thumb can then learn the new position and my focus won’t have to shift away from the content to wondering why this regression was introduced.

- Eric

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+1 from me. I absolutely agree that this was an unwelcome change.