Cross fade and volume leveling

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How do I DISABLE crossfade and volume leveling?

The Signal Chain goes from a blue star (FLAC) to upsampling from 16bit PCM to 24 bit PCM with a green button then another blue star on exclusive mode but comes out the green button next to the song.

My music comes from TIDAL or my iTunes library that ROON copied via Schiit GUNGNIR (premultibit) USB DAC

Crossfade and volume levelling can be reached from the queue-screen: press the list/musical note icon between the player controls and the progress bar at the bottom of the screen, and then on the queue screen press the gears-icon mid right:

These settings are applied per zone.

thank you!
now why does ROON take so long to load on my system-mac mini i7 16GB RAM late 2013 version?
and, why can’t i add to one of my playlists in ROON i have to go to TIDAL web page to add playlists then go back to ROON to listen
thanks again for your quick response i now have blue diamonds all through the process