Cross Fade Not Working on LS50 Wireless II

Roon is running on windows machine
Music is on Synology
Wifi setup
Streaming to kef ls50 W II

I have tried every setup and cross-fade does not work. The current track and next track never fade into one another. Roon just cuts out the current track, slight delay and the next track starts to play.

I don’t know if my set up is the problem but i an currently trying out Roon so want to make sure everything works as i envisioned

Try playing to the system out on the windows machine to see if it cross fades there. May be the kefs that are tricky.


Thanks for getting back to me. You were spot on. It works fine on the windows but not on the kefs. Should i open a separate ticket for the kefs or do you think it will get picked up here? Ta

@moderators can you split this off?



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