Cross-link lyrics to different renditions

Generally, the good progress made on lyrics front has left me feeling about how one scoop of ice cream leaves me feeling … wanting more.

  • I miss/want lyrics on “standards” and public domain tunes. I thought it might be fun to cast Christmas lyrics, but their availability is very limited.

  • I miss/want static lyrics displayed whenever dynamic lyrics are missing.

  • I miss/want DIY lyrics (from tags) displayed whenever dynamic and static lyrics are missing. Motivated users have already found ways to populate Lyrics tags. Now, they just need a way to display them in approximate sync with playing of the tune.

  • I miss/want lyrics linked to every rendition of (most) every tune in my library automagically.

And the dynamic lyrics are out of sync on my kit; about two to three words behind. Having an adjustment variable, similar to a lip sync option on a TV, would be nice.

[I know: the pilgrims had to manually sync their lips and lyrics. I shouldn’t whine.]

Thanks for reading.