Crossfade cuts off songs


Newbie to Roon. I bought a Roon Nucleus to enjoy my music on my Sonos speakers.
For the moment now I use only Tidal to stream music.
I really love Roon but when I want to crossfade music the songs cut off aprox 5seconds before the end of the track. When I disable crossfade the tracks play nicely.
What can I do to get to work the crossfade…
Kind regards, Harold

Welcome to Roon. Unfortunately, I am just a user and don’t have any Sonos. However, at least I found two older posts suggesting that this seems to be a common issue with Sonos and Roon. In the first thread, crossfade was enabled, in the second it was not. Possibly these are different issues

Maybe a fellow user with Sonos experience can add something, else I’m afraid you have to wait for Roon support to help

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