Crossfade Exclusion Criteria (by Genre)

So one feature I absolutely miss that Logitech Media Server has is crossfade exclusion by genre. Crossfade works great with the strong exception of classical music and some jazz. (hopefully Roonlabs will take the suggestion of dynamic crossfade that was made here also) I would use this to exclude the genre of classical and jazz. That way all my classical and jazz music will play fully and every other genre will crossfade. If anyone else can think of any other exclusion criteria, please add!! Thanks…

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I agree!

Also, need NO GAP playback.
Would be nice to set on a playlist… Level.
Or album level thanks

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I agree with both comments regarding Dynamic Crossfade which is customisable & No Gap.

I have done a lot of photography over the years and when using a high end camera I set up Profiles for different shooting applications/types i.e Sports has a whole lot of presets and Landscapes has another.

So if applying the same to Roon we would have the possibilities of very specific profiles/presets for different Genre’s or situational uses like General Listening vs Parties vs Daily Living vs Office Work vs Serious anything.

You could customise to whatever degree you wanted and just swap profiles. If you could not only have the profiles backup but being to be able to be saved separately then these profiles could be shared with the community via Roon app to Roon servers. Rather than have Roon any larger or with unwanted Profiles or presets with new updates, you could just downloaded from Roon Servers via your Roon app.

There could be a forum topic where you read what people have done & tested. A best preset of the year could be awarded etc…