Crossfade is unpredictable on roon 1.4

My first post on here…

As far as I can see, this isn’t covered elsewhere, at least not for Roon 1.4. I have set crossfade on my tracks to varying times and I’ve experimented with various combinations of DSP on/off, volume levelling on/off, and I can’t seem to figure out any pattern for why crossfade just doesn’t happen sometimes, and then does other times. I’m playing local files, all ALAC 44/16 from core on my Macbook pro (macOS 10.13.2) to a BlueSound Powernode, latest firmware. Any ideas?

For crossfade to function Roon need to have completed audio analysis on them. I wondering if this has completed or perhaps been disabled in Settings—>Library.

Audio analysis is switched on as far as I can tell, and the files I’m playing all have volume leveling info.