Crossfade lags behind

I’m using the Crossfade option @10sec.

I’d like to know why in playing some tracks using Crossfade it works as it should at the 10sec mark prior to finishing it works perfectly starting the next track, yet others don’t start when it’s at the 10 sec. mark?
Crossfade is no longer working

Hey @Robert_Zinn,

Sorry to hear about the inconsistency you’re experiencing when using Crossfade. I also want to say how sorry I am for replying this late…:pleading_face:

Could you please confirm if this behavior happens on all audio endpoints, or only some of them? Also, for what kinds of tracks does Crossfade not work? Are they from a particular source (Qobuz, TIDAL, local files, etc.), a particular quality, a particular album or artist?

Thanks in advance :pray:

I have found in the interim that crossfade will only work if the tracks are of the same format, is this so?
I have only 1 endpoint and it occurs on all files.

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