Crossfade on Roon

Can anybody explain what crossfade is for?

Not sure what it’s actually for, no snark intended. As for what it does, it fades one song out as the next one fades in. I suppose if you were looking for a truly un-interrupted audio stream, that is one way to get it. I see it as a personal preference, I’ve never used it in any audio software.

My knee jerk response was to explain headphone crossfeed. If that is what you were asking about, that is a way (say some) to more closely replicate the experience of listening to music through speakers rather than headphones. With headphones, the left channel goes in the left ear and the right channel goes in the right ear. With speakers, a bit of the left channel goes in the right ear and vice versa. Crossfeed does the same with your headphones, mixes a tiny bit of the left channel into the right ear, etc. Again, personal preference, though this one I have dabbled in at times, not sure I prefer it though. We’ll see in v. 1.3! (how many times have we said that lately? Waiting patiently, really, I am!). Cheers!

Thanks for the answer