Crossover settings when using TWO KC62 subs with the Metas

We already talk about the crossover with ONE only KC62 and the Metas, but,

What are there correct values (frequency and crossover type) when you have TWO KC62 subs?

I’m actually using 90hz BW 2nd and 55hz LR 4th but now I own two subs so they are still good or it’s better to change?

I own a Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 so I can set anything, frequence and type of crossover (BW, LR and their orders).


Due to room acoustics and set-up any suggestion would be a just stab in the dark.
You knew that, right?
That said, it would be most useful to do measurements while optimizing placement and filters.

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I should run REW, for sure, but knowing a starting point is always good, especially because only the kind of the filters are eight!

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Fair point!