Cubbit - Cloud storage for free kickstarter (no monthly fee)

Hi All I have just come across this product I think looks great and I love the concept. I use Google drive for little files but for not much else as I quickly run out of storage. When I seen this I thought I would give it a go. Its cloud storage but using encrypted peer to peer sharing. The unit itself is a mini computer that has a 1TB drive inside. You can access half and the other half joins the network they are calling the swarm and that is used to store other users files making a huge network without the need for a costly datacentre. You can add external drives to it to further its capacity and its totally free (outside of cost of entry £160ish).

Here is my referral link that is supposed to knock some off for you (and I) if you place an order.

What do you think? I plan on treating it as a NAS though I am yet to know fully what I can and cant do. Maye a local Roon backup with automatic cloud backup as a bonus?

Just saved you 10€, I registered for the Cubbit kickstarter.
The only worry I have at this point is my monthly data usage.
I Have tried a cloud service before to backup my music collection, and it was a nightmare to try to remain within 250Gb databudget/month.
One other question I am having is impact on my own internet usage(speed).
When my own ‘local’ data is stored in the cloud, the much slower upload speed is used.
But what is the impact on my internet connection when other people’s data are stored on my Cubbit?

Still, I do like the concept and therefore signed up

Thanks :slight_smile: I have questions myself but like Roon these companies take user feedback. I would like to schedule when my backups occur so I don’t have issues with bandwidth.

Your own “local” data wont be in the cloud. You have a local copy you can access and only your backup is in the cloud. Your 1TB drive is split in the middle, half for your files and half as a backup for other users.

I’m really excited to play with it. My friend who is into photography couldn’t order one quick enough.

My data will be uploaded,i.e. backupped in the cloud. Will still cost data budget and load my internet connection

Yes, you are right.

Hi Paul, and hi Dirk,
I’m Stefano, CEO of Cubbit. We are so damn busy before the campaign, but as soon as I noticed your post (and answers) I just felt I had to stop for a second, log-in here and say THANK YOU.
This is so spontaneous. This is why we are building Cubbit.

It is going to be a global campaign. I’m so glad you’re already part of it. Welcome to the Swarm!
Please write to my team via the website/facebook if you have any question.

All the best

ps Paul, Dirk - you’ll notice someone just followed your personal beelinks to pre-order a Cell… enjoy your additional £9 discount :wink:

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@Paul_Whittaker, @Stefano_Onofri - I think that might have been me :slight_smile:

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Hi @thumb5 did you just join via my link?

Can I have your name please as I don’t think it’s working and we both want the discount.



Watch this video if you haven’t already, explains it very well. I have asked for a stretch goal with greater internal memory.

Just saw this thread and was reminded of when I signed up for Vudu back in 2004. They used the same approach for video streaming for several years before moving to cloud based delivery.

Hope it works out well for everyone.


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It sounds like it works much like a torrent swarm. If that is the case (and I don’t know that it is - just making an uneducated observation), then you will want to watch out for how your ISP will treat the traffic. Many ISPs will throttle your internet connection if they suspect that you’re participating in a torrent swarm (illegal file sharing). Also, if any of the files that you are helping “store” are indeed illegally stored, many ISPs look for clues as to the content of the files (file names containing words associated with content that has to be licensed) and will look closer to see if you’re participating in illegal file sharing.

ISPs are difficult to work with, and they probably will assume the worse, so you might want to investigate how/if Cubbit should/will deal with ISP scrutiny.

This was my thoughts to.

I can’t speak for all ISPs but virgin media and talk talk allow peer to peer without restriction.

And fast speeds won’t matter when your files are being pulled from 30+ people at the same time. Even a modest speed from each would suffice.

The ceo is in this chat so will be good for him to chip in here?

The count down as begun :slight_smile: the Kickstarter starts today

Hi, has anyone got into the beta? I’m surprised to see the forum they use is the exact same forum as Roon.

Has anyone received their cubbit cell yet? What are your thoughts?

I did not receive my cubbit cell either. Don’t panic, (unfortunately) this is happening every single time with a kickstart project. Delays up to (and even over)1 year have to be taken into account.
But I must say that they are ‘quite’ OK, on the level of communication. Monthly update, not overpromising (anymore).

You will need to give it another 3 months or so. Maybe than is time to get a little anxious
My 2 cents

Got my Cubbit yesterday and it’s up and running. I will report back when I have something to report!

Looks like it’s firmware update time for now…

Hi, I got mine 3 days ago. They messed up with the PSU for the UK market and are working to resolve it.

They sent a European PSU. Luckily I have a spare PSU so mine is up and running.

I also received my Cubbit 1TB this week. Installqtion was a nobrainer. Firmware update went fine overnight.
Apart from being limited to 50 Gb, this could not be any easier.
Nothing further to report for now.
Looking good.