Cuda support in roon

As demand for dsp processing power keeps growing I wonder if there are plans for CUDA support. Every now and then I play with software defined radio (SDR), and some of the control software there makes good use offloading processing to the gpu (graphics card).

Same of course is true for cryptominers and machine learning. Seems gpus are better suited for these jobs than cpus.

From another (similar) thread:

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Any further progress on this?

I am really maxing out my Core machine - that has 2 x Xenon E5-2696 v4 (88 cores), 128Gb, 1Tb 970 EVO M2 (OS), 10Tb WD Red (music library), 2 x GTX 1070 - when I am convolving advanced Audiolense filters (multichannel, 3 or 4-way active speakers per channel, subwoofers, max taps etc), not to mention upsampling to DSD.

So I agree - CUDA is and must be the way forward for Room to remain the cutting-edge solution for serious audiophiles.